SimCAE Campus

SimCAE courses are directed to improve your ability and confidence in the use of technology, in parallel with a deeper understanding of the processes with the object of solving problems in the industry as efficiently as possible. Our courses emphasize the practical use of material presented. Theory is introduced and covered to the extent necessary to insure understanding of correct principles for practical use. However, the real heart of the material concentrates on the many aspects of application of knowledge to the plant. Principles are presented, then examined in application in case studies from actual operating units.

Two training programs are available:

SimCAE Campus (Click to see the catalog)

SimCAE Campus is an iniciative to share training material among registered users of SimCAE. In SimCAE Campus you can find Public (free) online courses that you can follow up and some online private courses in Simulation and Process control.

Public and Private Online Campus courses

To get access to SimCAE Campus you have to register. After registration, you will have access to some training material fo free while other is subject to a small fee. Feel free to send us any suggestion or Contact us for the private online course.

Course Hosting Service for Registered Users

Because SimCAE Campus is intended to be use as a hosting training web for professionals in the area of Simulation and Process Control. We do not charge any fee for the material you deposit and it will be freely available (created as a public course) to all registered users at SimCAE. Contact us if you want to have a a course being hosted.

SimCAE Private Courses

SimCAE organize private presencial courses in several locations. Contact us for a quotation. You can ask for a course available in our catalog or you may ask for something specific to your needs. Some of the course titles we have are:

Basic Process Control using Dynamic Simulation. Download an extract of the tuition material 

Advanced Process Control using Dynamic Simulation. Download an extract of the tuition material 

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