About SimCAE Technology and Consulting

SimCAE is a services company born in 2005. SimCAE main objective is to serve the process industry, helping it to achieve excellence in their operating procedures.

SimCAE area of expertise is software, software for the Process Industries (CAPE). SimCAE's engineers accumulate several years of experience in the use of the main commercial process simulators (HYSYS, Provision, AspenPlus, Unisim, BatchPlus, SuperPro, and others). SimCAE engineers have the skills to develop customized software applications to link to such simulators. SimCAE engineers have developed and implemented several industrial control applications (basic regulatory and advanced and/or multivariable) OPC compliant, if requested; SimCAE engineers are knowledgeable training instructors who provide on-site courses and who develop and maintain training material for self-instruction. SimCAE wants to become your CAPE solutions provider.

SimCAE’s activities are founded on the valuable know-how in chemical and process engineering, in process simulation, in process control and in process safety and reliability of the engineers that sustain SimCAE. People at SimCAE have been aplying their knoledge in the above-mentioned fields by working in top oil companies, in leading process simulation providers, in top-edge university departments and in food industry assets. The most valuable asset of SimCAE is its Human Capital.

Our portfolio of solutions for your business includes, but is not limited to:

Modeling and Simulation

The benefits attainable by the Proces Industries by using CAPE tools results are numerous. However, too often, such benefits cannot be accessed by companies due to in-house lack of expertise, lack of time to devote to model development or lack of economic resources to own a simulator license. SimCAE wants to provide customers with solutions to get the most out of process simulators: we can train customers if they have the time to attend courses; we can develop the simulation cases for customers that own a license; we can use our licenses to develop models for customers, provide them with the results needed, and keep the model in our databases for a future re-use (model hosting) (learn more...)

Process Control

The practical application of new control strategies can have a significant impact on process performance. In many processes it can double profitability. At SimCAE we want to stress the importance of process control but also how it is applied. Successful implementation depends also on the awareness of others of the benefits and the efforts involved in installation. The success of a new control development impacts not only those directly involved in implementation but also process management and other technical support groups who have responsibility for maintaining and improving process profitability (learn more...)

Software Development

Commercial CAPE software is, by design, broad in scope. Most of them lack of specific applications, of easy-to-develop customization capabilities, etc. SimCAE expertise can help customers in developing specific pieces of software for Process Simulation, OLE interfaces to simulation cases, OPC applications for Process Control, etc. (learn more...)


Training is an essential element for any organization's success. SimCAE engineers have a long history of delivering training services that meet the unique requirements of customers. Utilize our experience where they best meet your company's needs and allow us to enhance the effectiveness of your business (learn more...)

SimCAE Campus

SimCAE supports knowledge transfer and encourages knowledge sharing. Other than our product-based training courses, our Campus site, with a university-like spirit, offers our customers the possibility to acquire, share and transfer knowledge. Join our technology based courses, download valuable booklets, post your course notes, etc. Heat Transfer, Applied Thermodynamics, Process Control, Optimisation, Chemical Reaction Engineering and many other fields of knowledge are ready for discovery... (learn more...)

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